In pairs. Footrest pads sold separately.

Skil-care Wheelchair Sheepskin Leg/Foot Pad 7030x0

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Skil-Care™ Synthetic Sheepskin Coverings Feature:

• Super soft synthetic sheepskin pads
• High-pile, non-allergenic material
• Provides comfort and protection
• Adds a touch of luxury to any wheelchair
• Easy to apply and keep in place with elastic bands
• Designed to fit all standard wheelchairs
• Stands up to frequent institutional launderings
• Armrest pads, seat and backrest pads, leg pads and footrest pads


703010  Wheelchair Armrest Pads (pair)
703020  Wheelchair Leg Pad (pair)
703040  Wheelchair Footrest Pads (pair)
703050  Wheelchair Seat and Backrest Pad (piece)


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