Universal 7/8

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Universal Cup Holder

This cup holder is designed to hold cups or glasses with or without a handle

Complete Set

1. Cup Holder

2. 2x Vertical Tube (7/8'' &1'')


Instructions For Use

* This product is designed to attach the side frame of a wheelchair or transit chair using the vertical tube attachment.

Caution: Always use caution when hot drinks are placed in this cup holder. DO NOT move a transit chair or wheelchair while hot liquids are in the cupholder as they may spill and cause injury to the user.


Assembly Instructions

1. Determine which clip you will use, either 7/8'' or 1'' vertical tube.

2. Open the clip then close onto the desired tube. Tighten the tightening know as far as possible.

3. Slide the cup holder onto the attachment clip.


Care Instructions

Periodically check that the tightening screw is tight as continuous movement may loosen it.

The cup holder can be removed from the clip and place in the dishwasher or washed with mold detergent by hand.

Wash the clips by hand only, be sure to dry thoroughly.


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