Alpha Stairlift

Alpha Stairlift

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* Silent, stable and smooth ride quality
* Choice of colours for finish of rail and seat upholstery
* Tight internal and external curve radius
* Retractable seat belt
* Long range radio frequency landing controls
* Start delay to prevent sudden movement
* Battery operated - works during power cut
* Safety sensors and overspeed govenor
* Soft start and smooth stop

The Alpha stairlift is the perfect solution to make your home accessible and regain your freedom of movement.

Thanks to the aesthetically and user friendly design, this lift fits into any environment and will improve your independence and quality of life.

Due to the extremely slim and companct design the rail and chair occupy only a minimum of space, keeping the staircase
free of obstruction.

The robust construction ensures a long working life and reliable performance.

Confirming to the highest safety and quality standards the Alpha stairlift is an inexpensive way to manage staircases in a pleasant way.



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