Bed Wetting Alarm System

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 Bed wetting sensor sheet alarm, bed wetting alarm

* Put the sensor sheet under elder's hips, then fix the alarm on elder's bed.

* Once the elder urinates, the alarm will give out optional alarm or music sound to inform you to change urine mat.

* At the same time, this product can be proper to patient who has urine sickness and cannot take care themselves at home or in hospital.


Main features:

* With alarm / off / music options

* With volume hi / low options

* With a LED light which flashes

* With auto-reset button

* Works on one 9-volt battery (included)

* Easy and simple to use

* Standard sensor sheet size: 7 x 15 inch, 16.5 x 21.2 inch


Precaution - Do not fold the sensor pads. Folding may damage the sensing elements.

One Year Warranty.





Bed Wetting Alarm System


Alarm only


Wetting Sensor Pad only

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