Etac Swift Shower Chair

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It's easy to see why ETAC SWIFT Shower Stool/Chair is an award-winning product.

Functionality and simplicity are the most important considerations in the design.

Dependably stable
Etac Swift has a unique design that adapts to uneven floors, thanks to the flexible seat.
Responsive, non-slip ferrules adapt to the floor, ensure a good grip and provide stability on the most uneven of surfaces.

Height adjustable
It is easy to adjust to the ideal height. Just click and press. The oval shape prevents the telescopic legs from turning when making the adjustment. There are no loose parts to misplace.
For added ease of use, it can be set one step lower at the front to form a slightly forward tilted seat which facilitates standing up.


Easily adapted for changing needs
The basic shower stool can easily be converted into a complete shower chair.
Just add the detachable back and armrests that gently click into place without the need for tools.
This modular design makes it easy to customise a single product for changing needs in different circumstances.
You enjoy the flexibility. It is possible to start using the shower stool and add arm supports and back support if the circumstances change.

Ease of access
A reversible seat with a generous recess and a smooth surface provides good access and comfort.

Easy to Handle
Swift is easy to handle thanks to its light weight. It comes flat-packed and is assembled without the need for any tools. Swift is also corrosion free and comes with a 5 year warranty!

Wide choices of accessories

Soft pads which are specially suited for showering are available should extra comfort be needed.

All these features contribute to the users' safety




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