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Fall Prevention Chair Alarm System PA-7 + PA-702

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 Fall prevention sensor pad alarm

* Applicable on wheelchair and other chairs

* Chair monitor alarm protects patients from falls while

alerting caregiver that the patient needs assistance.

* The alarm sounds immediately when pressure is released from the sensor pad, alerting caregiver to a potential fall.

* The alarm will reset automatically if the patient sits back down, reminding them to stay seated until assisted.

* With alarm / off / music options

* With volume hi / low options

* With a LED light which flashes

* With auto-reset button

* Works on one 9-volt battery (included)

* Easy and simple to use

* Standard sensor pad size: 7 x 15 inch


Precaution - Do not fold the sensor pads. Folding may damage the sensing elements.

One Year Warranty





Fall Prevention Chair Alarm System


Alarm only


Sensor Pad only

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