Hippocampe Swimming Pool Access Wheelchair

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Hippocampe wheelchair




The Hippocampe is an amphibious wheelchair. It is water resistant and can be used from the changing room, under the shower and propelled directly into the swimming pool.

With its chamber, the Hippocampe pool wheelchair is easy to handle. Its hydrophobic foam seat provides the optimum comfort to remain seated in wet areas. Its low seating enables to be steady and to down stairs or inclined plane, in order to proceed on the launching in the water.

The use of the swimming pool wheelchair will enable to avoid hygiene problems linked to the access of standard wheelchair inside of wet areas.

It complies with the requirements of the French “Handicap law” for public establishments: pools, hotels, thalassotherapy, rehabilitation center, camping ground, Bed & Breakfast.

The access to public places such as the swimming pool with the Hippocampe wheelchair is an advantage for local authority who make this approach. 


Vipamat, manufacturer of the beach and all-terrain Hippocampe wheelchair, and of the swimming-pool Hippocampe.
Vipamat is a French manufacturer of medical equipment for disabled people, promoting access to recreational mobility products. From design to sales, Vipamat wishes to offer innovative products, and ensuring the comfort, the durability, the accessibility and the ergonomy for users.

The Hippocampe all terrain beach wheelchair enables to disabled people an easier access in sand of beach, hiking trail and snow with its different options. The Hippocampe pool wheelchair allows to move freely in the changing room and showers of the pool, as well as an easy pool access and launching.

The all terrain beach wheelchair and the aquatic pool chair are certified by the FDA, ensuring a high level of quality for our customers and users. The Hippocampe folding chairs can be used as manual chair or stroller for children and adults with disabilities.



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