IndeeLift Human Floor Recovery Lift

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Safety, Fall Management

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) helps you get back on your feet fast, by yourself, after you have suffered a fall.

It is used as a convenient, compact and portable hoist for quick deployment, within seconds.

The HFL's stable, chair-like design ensures a safe and supportive lift.

Its innovative design enables the fallen person to get a lift entirely by themselves.

HFL-300 supports up to 300 pounds

HFL-300-D comes with additional waist and chest safety belts.

Enhance your independence and dignity.

Avoid bothering your loved ones or 999 for help up after a minor fall.

Receive immediate assistance at the push of a button and get on with your day.

The IndeeLift HFL turns what can be an embarrassing, lengthy, uncomfortable experience into a non-event.



The IndeeLift's rise assist handles are 22" apart when in the locked position.

The handles can swivel in either direction, and they can also be removed.



If you have limited lower or upper body strength, remaining seated while using the HFL may be challenging. As the seat rises, the user's feet may drag along the ground, pulling them forward in the seat.

To help ensure a safe lift for all users, both the HFL-300 and HFL-400 are now available with chest and waist safety belts. Both belts are similar to an airline seatbelt and connect the user to the HFL's back support.


After a fall, no one has time to use a complicated remote control. The IndeeLift HFL's control's simple design includes only two buttons, Up and Down.

The wired remote control has a 6-foot retractile cord. This cord allows a caregiver to operate the machine at a distance—ideal for compact spaces or social distancing.

The remote control's length also means it can clip onto the rise assist handle. Ensuring it is at hands reach following a fall.


Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, the HFL is ready for you when you need it most. The battery can perform approximately ten lifts from a complete charge. Over six months, the lithium-ion battery can preserve 85% of its power. This battery health ensures that HFL is ready to help when you need it most.

It is only recommended to either keep the HFL plugged in using the included AC charger or charge it overnight every 2-3 months. This will keep the battery's internal chemistry active and protect its health.


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Demonstration on use in Inclusion Body Myositis



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