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The JAY Ion wheelchair cushions are designed with the benefits of both skin protection and positioning in a lightweight, comfortable design.

The JAY Ion cushion incorporates an antimicrobial outer cover, a moisture resistant inner cover and a dual layer foam base.

Jay ION wheelchair cushions can accommodate various user weights: ( 300 lbs. for 14" to 21" widths and 500 lbs. for 22" to 24" widths.)

The JAY Ion's inner cover features specially coated anti-wicking seam thread to prevent moisture from wicking through the seam holes.

The inner moisture-resistant polyurethane-coated cover is made with Lycra. Wheelchair cushions's inner foam is not the only place odors are a problem, the Ion's outer X-static cover is impregnated with silver. Silver helps eliminate bacteria and also binds with ammonia and denatured proteins to accelerate the odor reduction process. The firmness of each JAY Ion cushion is determined by the user's width. It makes little sense for a lightweight user to sit on a stiff cushion, or a heavy user to sit on a overly soft cushion. For this reason, narrow JAY Ion cushions are less firm, and wide JAY Ion wheelchair cushions are more firm.


Super soft foam on the top, structural foam imbedded on the bottom sides. Together they balance comfort with support. Add in a layer of reticulated foam in the cover, and the Ion takes on the additional benefit of being able to absorb both heat and moisture.

The Ion's thin fabric weave makes washing and drying the outer cover a snap. The inner water-resistant cover can be easily wiped off in seconds. When moisture strikes, cleanup is quick and easy.

The comfortable outer cover offers another benefit: it's antimicrobial. X-static fabric is impregnated with silver. Studies show silver actually inhibits bacterial growth, which is one reason why it is frequently found in bandages, hosiery, and footwear to name a few.

Low Shear
To maximize immersion, reduce shear and help properly redistribute body weight, the Ion cover is designed with a stretchable low-shear cover material. This is important because reducing shear is a key factor in maintaining user tissue integrity.

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