Kaye Posture Control Walker 4-wheeled Walkers

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4-Wheeled Walkers

  • Allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward.
  • Helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length.
  • Equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backwards and away from the user.
4 Wheels Fixed
W3BR (Pre -adolescent)
W2BR (Youth)
W1BR (Child)
W4BR (Adolescent)
4 Wheels Front swivel
W1BS (Child's walker)
W2BS (Youth walker)
W3BS (Pre-adolescent)
W4BS (Adolescent)
W5CS (Larger walker)

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  • W1BR
  • W2BR
  • W3BR
  • W4BR
  • W1BS
  • W2BS
  • W3BS
  • W4BS
  • W5CS
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