CuraePlus HF-08

Mobilia Cura E Plus Turning Tilting Motorised Bed

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Mobilia Cura e Plus - Shear Lifting Bed

In its basic construction, it is based on a shear-lifting system that particularly represents extreme stability. It also entices with a clear, light-weight design and integrates into any present apartment furnishings.


  • Lying surface rotation to either side optional
  • Electrically adjustable back, thigh and lower legs rests and height adjustment plus rising aid
  • Fully electrical turning and rising function
  • Ground clearance for lifter
  • External dimension: 102x208cm
  • Mattress base 90x200cm
  • Lying and sitting height smoothly adjustable from 48 - 80 cm
  • Back part adjustable from 0-71°
  • Thigh part adjustable from 0-30°
  • Max. patient weight": 120kg



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