Windsor Walk-In Baths (3 Models)

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Windsor Baths are Australia's leading vendor of high quality walk-in baths.

We provide 3 different models that meet the needs of most people with mobility issues, including 2 wheelchair friendly models and an ultra compact model to fit into existing showers.



Imagine bathing in comfort and safety again, while leaving your aches and pains behind?

Windsor Baths provide walk-in baths for those with limited mobility and those setting up a bathroom for their needs for decades to come. We are Australia's leading provider of walk-in baths. Our walk-in bath tubs are used in private homes, group homes and aged care facilities around Australia. Our baths are straight forward to install and can be used as a combination shower and walk-in bath. Our product range provides the accessibility that you need to bath comfortably while reducing risks and maintaining your independence for years to come.

A Windsor Walk-in Bath will provide:

  • An extra wide outward opening door for easy access and transfer in and out of the bath
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • A low bath step-in
  • A comfortable seat with cushion and head rest for an upright sitting position during the bathing experience
  • Water tight door
  • Easy to reach, open and close quarter-turn Australian WaterMark approved fast-flow taps (for quick bath filling)
  • Large drain for rapid emptying of the bath
  • Built-in overflow to avoid accidental overfilling of the bath
  • Removable front floor panel so floor-based hoists can be accommodated for
  • Optional hydrotherapy spa system available (IPx5 rated power point required - can easily be installed by a licenced electrician)
  • The spa system is self-cleaning and warm air based
  • Spa air jets dispense air on the side (not centre) to avoid the risk of bruising sensitive skin.
  • Optional grab bar available
  • Assembled in Australia from local and imported components
  • Long lasting fibreglass and stainless-steel construction
  • 3-year warranty on parts
  • Easy installation, by a local licensed plumber. A major remodelling may not be required.
  • The walk-in bath is stand-alone, can be added and removed from a bathroom easily when required, e.g. take it with you when moving home.
  • Can fit in most existing bath spaces, some shower spaces and laundries
  • All models are available with either a left or right-hand side door to suit your location at no extra cost.

The benefits of a Windsor walk-in bath:

  • Safer and more comfortable bathing
  • Supports independence and gives you freedom to stay in your own home longer
  • Assists in pain management, soothing away aches and pains e.g. arthritis
  • Relaxes you for a good night sleep
  • Easier personal hygiene management
  • Enhances mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Reduces the physical caregiving stress for the carer



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